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Garage Conversions

sbsConverting a domestic garage is fast becoming the most popular and viable venture in the Home Improvement Industry. Peoples desire for additional living space is essentially more important than the requirement to park a motor vehicle. With the general superior build quality of a majority of modern day cars, the need for undercover parking has now diminished. This is endorsed by the fact that most new housing developments provide dedicated off road car parking spaces in preference to traditional garages. In conclusion off road car parking is still very important, but a physical building for overnight storage is not essential.

Smiley Building Services specialise in garage conversions  with a reputation for quality and integrity, thoroughly deserved as a result of meticulous planning, dedication and superior workmanship. There is certainly no substitute for experience, and our understanding of a client's personal requirements together with the practical considerations unique to each individual contract enables us to maintain standards of the highest level. We always pay the utmost attention to the finest details, providing a complete service from initial survey, through design, specification, comprehensive quotation, regulations and professional installation.

Our fundamental objective is to convert a cold and under-utilised garage into a warm and habitable room, consequently adding considerable value to the overall property.

The question is can I convert my garage?

sbsBefore you go ahead with your garage conversion, you need to know all the legal issues involved. There are three main things that you need to check first - if you go ahead without permission you could be forced to return everything to its original condition, at your own cost.
Restrictive clauses in your lease - You need to check your property deeds for any restrictive covenants. Some developers place a restriction on any building work that will affect the external appearance of the house. If there is such a clause, contact them, as it can often be circumvented for a fee. Your other option is to convert the inside of the garage without changing its external appearance. This is often achieved by keeping a front portion of the garage for storage space and converting the rest. Of course, the suitability of this option depends on your intentions for the garage.

What kind of garage I have

Single garage - A single garage will add around 150 square feet of floor space to your home.
Double garage - You may either convert the whole area, or just the nearest side to your house. If you convert it all, you can expect to add around 300 square feet of floor space to your home.
Tandem garage - As before, converting only the back will leave you with the best of both worlds.
Standalone garage - Careful, as you may need to make an application for permission to change its use.

Planning permission

sbsWill my garage conversion require Planning Permission?
Not in the vast majority of cases. As a matter of best practice we contact your local authority and request that they respond to you in writing to confirm that planning permission is not required.
So, what happens if I do need planning permission?
Very occasionally a garage conversion may require planning permission. An instance of this might be where permitted development rights have been removed. We can take responsibility for all aspects of the planning process on your behalf including completing your application, drawing up all plans and liaising with the planning department throughout.

We are often asked if conversions require planning permission. Most conversions don’t require planning permission but conversions need to be checked with the local authority.
Retrospective planning permission is much harder to obtain.

sbsHouses built in the past twenty years may have a condition attached to the original planning that states that it must be retained for the purposed of parking a vehicle. Planning departments are usually happy to amend these conditions provided you have suitable off street parking but you must ensure the application is completed. This can delay the start date of works by up to approximately eight weeks.

If conversions are increased in volume by adding a bow bay window or a pitched roof the conversion will need planning permission. Remember most conversions don’t need planning permission you just need to make sure your choosen contractor conforms to all the regulations