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loft extension


loft extension

Loft Conversion

sbsIn these days of ever increasing house prices and the rising costs of moving house, people are increasingly turning to the loft, the biggest empty space in their home, as a cost effective way of increasing their living space.

Instead of merely being a makeshift storage area, your loft can easily be converted into a versatile living space, and can significantly increase the value of your home. Recent analysis by Estate Agents and Surveyors has shown loft conversions to be one of the best ways to profitably invest in your own home – often increasing it’s value by over 20%.

sbsWe pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and professional service with our fully trained, experienced and courteous tradesmen all aiming to provide a Loft Conversion resulting in the space of your dreams.

The loft will be designed with you to match your requirements and budget. We can offer a full, comprehensive service from start to finish or can tailor our work to allow you to complete the conversion in your own time.

Report into house prices & the effects of loft conversion

sbsSmiley Building Services specialise in loft conversions and has carefully studied house prices in areas that we work in. Housing stock in these areas is very similar and consists of many terraced, turn-of-the-century houses that have 2 – 3 bedrooms and small gardens.

Research has shown that when adding a substantial amount of floor area such as in loft conversion, the price of the property increases dramatically because:

  • sbs adding a bedroom and bathroom takes the house to a new 'price bracket' i.e. a four bedroom, two bathroom house rather than a three bedroom, one bathroom house.
  •  Adding around 200 – 300 square feet of living accommodation increases the value simply because the house is larger

Of course, the main benefit of loft conversion is the use of the room, but this research is re-assuring as it proves values can increase.

loft extensionThe following chart is based on estate agents estimates and valuations and is given as indication only. Of course, in your particular area and actual house, you need to check with an agent or valuer as many other attributes need to be considered, but the results will gave you an idea.