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Flat Roof Types

sbsA typical single ply roof system comprises structural support (generally not installed by the roofing contractor), a deck providing continuous support, a vapour control layer (if required), thermal insulation (if required) and a waterproof membrane covering with aesthetic traffic or load resistant finish (if required).  

Membrane roof systems are generally divided into the following types, according to the position in which the principal thermal insulation is placed:

sbsMany roofs combine the features of two or more of the roof types described above.  Examples include structural decks with high thermal insulation properties combined with additional insulation and existing roofs to which thermal insulation is added.  However, once assessed in terms of their thermal and water vapour transmission characteristics, such roofs will generally fall into one of the categories described above.  In some constructions, the waterproofing layer is placed between two layers of insulation, combining the properties of warm roof and inverted warm roof construction.  This form of construction is generally known as a ‘duo roof’.