What is planning permission?

‘Planning’ is a term that covers a wide range of subjects. It is a set of rules and guidelines used by Local Authorities and Government to determine how our towns, cities and countryside are developed. It includes how land and buildings can be used, how buildings look, landscaping, roads and highways access and the effects of any development on the general environment in London and South East England.

You will need to apply for planning permission or planning consent if you:
a) Wish to build something new on land that you own in SE London
b) Make substantial changes to your building
c) Change the use of your building

What is Permitted Development?

Permitted Development is a set of guidelines granted by Parliament not the Local Authority. The guidelines were introduced to allow homeowners to make changes and additions to their properties quickly as long as they adhere to the criteria set out by Parliament. The guidelines do now apply to flats, maisonettes or properties within ‘designated areas’ such as Conservation Areas

Examples of Permitted Development rights are:
a) Extensions – depending on size
b) Some Loft conversions
c) Installation of Solar Panels

What is the Difference?

If your Project needs planning permission it will be necessary to submit a planning application, which can take up to 10 weeks and incurs a fee of around £172. A Project that comes within the criteria of Permitted Development does not require a planning application. However it is always wise to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development (CLD) so you have proof that your project is in fact permitted. A CLD certificate costs around £86


We believe your time is valuable therefore Smiley Building Services is happy to deal with all your enquiries and act on your behalf with the local authorities in South East London, to obtain any planning permission, or permitted development (CLD) to ensure that you have everything correct and proper right from the start through to completion.

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