The Importance Of Pre-Construction And Design

When a new project is started, whether or not it is construction related, planning should be a priority. Pre-construction should be thought of carefully, with budget planning, the correct schedule and a properly planned design. This is to ensure that the project worked on, whether it be an extension or renovation is designed with your ideas in mind and transformed into the final result.

The design process will begin with a meeting, with the initial planning stage, direction and overall work result taking shape. The collaboration between those working on it will combine all options, therefore leading to the planned outcome. Professionals will use drawings that combine engineering, structure and architecture to ensure the right details are used for the project. This can include mock-ups, which will give a visual idea of the final work. Cost wise, the estimate will be generally created during this time, being realistically updated as the designs are worked on.

This stage of construction is important and can take time, but it is necessary to ensure your ideas are properly thought about and carefully planned, in order to make a great result for everyone. Call us today if you need any advice on House refurbishments in SE London.

The Benefits Of A Kitchen Island

You may have recently gotten a new modern kitchen but feel it’s missing something. If you want something that draws the eye to the middle of the room, whilst also looking stylish and sophisticated, then you should consider a kitchen island. This is a highly favoured feature in a kitchen due to the extra storage, as well as a change in layout depending on what you’re looking for.

A kitchen island can boost the value of a property, due to the new look attracting potential buyers. These buyers may specifically be looking for the condition of the main rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, so if they are modernised already then that is something they don’t need to worry about.

Storage can be an issue in kitchens, so an island can give you the extra space you need. With extra storage, it leaves the top free for worktop space. This could include anything from cooking, baking or even doing work on your computer. You also have the option of installing hobs and sinks and other attributes, both practical and stylish. This could be a wine rack or even shelving, depending on what sort of thing you’re looking for, Call Smiley Building services, your local Builder in Orpington.

The Benefits Of A Modern Bathroom

Bathrooms have a variety of options to choose from, depending on what you're looking for. You could be looking for a particular style, shape or size depending on your home. At the end of the day, it depends on your tastes and what theme you're going for. However, as well as visually, needing something practical is also a priority. This could be the reason a modern bathroom is for you, as it is a nice combination of both style and practicality.

People tend to upgrade their bathrooms from traditional designs, to suites with more convenience, such as taps with sensors and shower controls. Even the shape of the bath is something to think about! Visually, having a contemporary design can really give a spin on your home, particularly if you feel the house itself needs an overhaul. You can choose between a cool, edgy design or soft, warm tones with round shapes, such as the bath. It all depends on your own artistic ideas. Call us for a free quotation on your new Bathroom refurbishment in SE London.

The Benefits Of Converting Your Garage

A garage conversion that is thoroughly planned, completed and a great quality, can boost the value of your property by 10%. This benefits you as an owner because if you plan to sell the house in the future, you will have the advantage of a great return on your investment. As well as a boost in value, converting your garage can allow extra living space in your property. This is great for a variety of rooms, depending on what your plans are. Extra room in your home would be very helpful, particularly if you don’t want to move. If you compare the cost of converting the garage to other parts of the house, such as the loft or single and two storey extensions, it is comparatively cheaper, therefore it is financially efficient.

If you have many possessions, you may decide to leave a part of the garage alone for storage. If you have a big garage then you may feel this is best, particularly if you’re worried the conversion will take away this option. You may also find that a new single or two storey extension doesn’t let in much light to your house. Due to the garage pre-existing and not needing work externally, the conversion shouldn’t keep light from your property. Also, garage conversions don’t generally need planning permission due to the work being interior, as long as it isn’t in a conservation area or a separate garage.

So, if you’re wanting to upgrade your home, then converting your garage or looking for a House Extension Builder in Croydon, this can be a simple and financially efficient way to do it. You can add value to your property as well as improve the amount of living space you have, without the stress of moving home.

The Advantages of a New Kitchen

The great thing about a new kitchen, is that it can increase value to your house. If a kitchen is designed well and looks great, not only will it be a talking point, it will also be a great opportunity to invest in. After all, if you are looking to sell, potential buyers may base their result on how much they like the kitchen.

Having a kitchen, you love boosts the ambience and feeling inside your house, creating a relaxing atmosphere. As you will have more space to store your possessions, there won’t be any clutter to frustrate you, therefore saving you time as you won’t have to tidy up a cramped kitchen any more. You can use your spare time to do things with your family and enjoy meals together, especially if you have more space for a dining table.

There are different reasons we may need a new kitchen. Sometimes it can be because our kitchen is worn and old. It may need to be modernised with the rest of the house, particularly if the rest of the house needs a boost. Another reason could be a new event in your life, for instance, if you have a young family and need to change the layout. Sometimes converting your kitchen doesn’t happen until your children have grown up and left home and you want to simply upgrade your house.

Along with your kitchen, quite often the appliances are updated. You can help your energy bills by choosing appliances with energy star ratings that are high, helping your home to be more financially and energy efficient, as well as helping the environment. For a free quotation or if you need a quality Builder in Lewisham, call Smiley building services.

Add Extra Space With A Single Storey Extension

If your house needs an upgrade then a way to do that is to get a single storey extension added. If you plan to do this then make sure you budget, plan carefully and think about the design before going ahead, to make sure it is what you want.

Having a single storey extension is a favoured home upgrade, as it can produce more space that can give the layout of your house a boost, as well as introducing more natural light.

If you don’t want to move, an extension is financially effective. You need to think about the budget before you start though, to ensure you can afford it. The cost will vary depending on what the part of the house you are planning to extend.

When thinking about the design, you need to think about the style of the building. You don’t want to make the mistake of creating an extension that doesn’t merge well with the rest of the house.

Think carefully about what you want before starting a project, as there are many options to think about. For instance if you’re extending the kitchen, do you want open-plan, or a number of small spaces? Do you want to be able to catch the sunlight and have a view of the garden? Having the right size windows and doors can bring in more natural light, which when you are building on a smaller budget can help give the illusion of an even bigger room. Pair this with the right interior furnishing and it’ll really boost the space. If you are considering a House Extension in Croydon, call Smiley Building services today.

Rise In Modular Houses

Last year it was announced that modular houses were planning to be developed in just a week, to help the homelessness situation in London. They will be built on unused land reserved for continuing work. The great thing about these modular houses, is that they can be mobile when dismantled, therefore they don’t have to stay on one permanent site constantly.

The scheme is run by PLACE (‘Pan-London Accommodation Collaborative Enterprise’) financed with a funding of £11 million by the Mayor. If victorious, then the scheme will be stretched further.

The new houses are priced at between £150,000 - £180,000 to construct, with a potential life expectancy of 60 years. They will be a two or three bed with balcony or private garden. London Councils are hoping to have another 200 houses built by the beginning of 2022. If you want more details on Modular housing and need a Builder in Croydon, call Smiley building and construction Ltd.


Mini Property boom?

Anthony Webb Estate Agents and many others normally see a slowdown in the house sale market going into the Summer holidays, but this year was not the same. The Pandemic has kept many people at home instead of travelling abroad and this has helped fuel the property sales boom. There has been a massive number of properties coming on to the market and this has brought out the buyers, helped by the reduction in Stamp duty to zero in many cases and more agreed sales than in any month for over ten years.

Nationally this equates to a record total of over £37 billion sales agreed, in the last month, so when prices traditionally fall over this period of the summer, we are seeing properties selling quickly and at the asking price or above. A moving house market also drives the home improvement sector, with purchasers always keen to add a new kitchen or bathroom to the new purchase. For more help on Home refurbishments in Croydon and South east London call Smiley building and construction Ltd for advice and a free quotation.

New Museum of London Works Contract

Expressions of interest are invited for the first major part of the construction work planned in Farringdon, at the new Museum of London site. The £140m first stage of works will be conducted in stages across the 1960s Poultry Market as well as the Victorian General Market. Architects, Stanton Williams, Asif Khan and Julian Harrap are designing the £332m Museum of London project.

In 2024 the museum will move to the market and the existing Powell & Moya building will be demolished and a concert hall will take its place.

Before the outbreak of coronavirus, work was expected to start in October. For all the latest information on Building work including House refurbishment in Croydon, London call Smiley building and construction Ltd.

Keep your home mould free and insulated

Mould and Condensation
Condensation is caused by too much moisture being produced in your home. It occurs if there is not enough ventilation and can also depend on the temperature of your home. Excessive condensation can lead to mould growth on furniture and walls, rotting of wooden window frames, and mildew on clothes and fabrics such as curtains.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your energy consumption is to reduce heat loss in your home. Improvements will be seen by insulating the following areas:

If you would like help on planning applications from a quality building company in Croydon then call Smiley building and construction Ltd.

Has the winner for the high-profile ‘Sphere’ deal in East London emerged?

Madison Square Garden Company is to build its first entertainment venue outside its US home. The venue will be located in East London and McLaren is being tipped to land the deal. Rival, Sir Robert McAlpine, who had been considered favourite after completing the O2 Arena scheme for AEG, appears to have lost out to McLaren who is set to bag the construction contract which is believed to have an £800m development value. The O2 architect, Populous, has designed the scheme.

The new venue will have a capacity of between 17,500 and 21,500 and will be wrapped in triangular LED panels which will display a range of moving and static images including promotional material as well as digital art.

MSG promises technologies such as the largest resolution LED screen in the world, a haptic flooring system which will allow the audience to ‘feel’ the bass below them, wireless connectivity, and adaptive acoustics to deliver crystal clear audio to fans.

The site was last used as a coach park during the 2012 Olympic Games and runs across nearly 3ha in Stratford. For all your Building needs call Smiley building and construction Ltd, your quality Builders in Croydon.

Permitted Development Bromley

For some time it has been possible to extend your property without obtaining planning permission under the Government’s ‘Permitted Development’ criteria. Although at first glance it appears straightforward it is always worth discussing your ideas with your Builder in Bromley who will have a great deal of experience with the Local Planning Authority and will be completely aware of what can and can’t be achieved under permitted development rights.

Permitted Development rights can be subject to local planning restrictions, if you live in a green belt for example this can affect what changes you can make to the appearance of your property. Working with a local builder that has a team able to help with all aspects of the project from initial design and any planning application, through to construction is invaluable.